In this age of competition, having good looks and brains are not enough to climb the ladder of success in a career. One needs to have that winning personality.

There are many aspects that contribute greatly to one's personality. In simple terms personality is made up of three aspects namely:

  • Character
  • Behavior
  • Attitude

Our attitudes are based on our life experience and observations. They are shaped by the way we judge our competencies, people, events, and circumstances.

Most importantly, people in our immediate environment (our parents, others from our distant past, those whom we consider authority figures, our role models, and so on) - whose attitudes are also based on their own life experiences and observations - also tend to shape our attitude.

Hence, our attitude simply means we have to do what it takes to obtain what we want and not find excuses; not blame our parents or our childhood life circumstances. When we become an adult, we have to take self-responsibility for our life and for what we want out of life.

Workshop 2: Developing the attitude of “Winners”

Attitude is to acquire new skills, to change with the people we mix with and find new opportunities for development.

Winners are people who are “go-getters”. They decide what they want their lives to be like and they make it happen. They set goals for themselves and achieve them.

People with a winning attitude constantly strive to improve what they think should be improved about themselves - their values, their skills, their environment and whatever else they need to improve so that they achieve their aspirations.

The difference between the people that reach their goals or achieve their dreams in life and those that don’t is only one thing… that is a WINNING ATTITUDE!

Learning Objectives of the workshop

  • What are values and why are they important?
  • What professional values, attitudes and approaches are required of you as a worker?
  • What does this mean for the way you work with people?
  • How can you reflect on your attitudes and behavior to benefit the individuals you work with?
  • What aspects of your daily work challenge your personal and professional values?
  • How can you manage these challenges?
  • What qualities and attitudes make you a “winner”?


  • Inculcate the Fundamentals of Self-Discipline
  • Implement Effective Communication Principles
  • Deep understanding about the Value of Risk
  • Initiate Behavior Modifications
  • Learn to Deal with Insecurities
  • Develop the ability of Setting High Standards of Excellence

Workshop 3: Personal Development

All of us are bombarded with life’s little (or big) challenges almost daily. We rarely have control over our environment or the changes taking place in our lives. So how can we maintain emotional stability during these trying times? How can we prepare so that negative influences from external sources don’t take over and cause undue stress, anger, and depression.

However, when we learn how to manage our emotions we will be happier, healthier and more productive.

We have developed nine half day life-changing modules that will help people develop the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that can transform their life and establish new habits that MUST take them to their goals.

These modules will equip people to deal more effectively with the never-ending change in their life.

  1. Awareness
  2. Thinking
  3. Trust
  4. In the Moment
  5. Tenacity
  6. Umbrella of My Emotions
  7. Direction
  8. Esteem
  9. Sense
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