Communication Skills

Communicate Effectively for SUCCESS!

Communication skills are the building blocks of any successful career. The key is to know how to effectively express ideas in a tone that is appropriate with language (English, as it is the accepted medium all over the world) that is understandable, focused and compelling. If people can’t communicate effectively, they would become confused, frustrated and disappointed simply because they are unable to communicate appropriately.

This program will enable the participants to Communicate with - Clarity, Completeness, Conciseness, Consistency, and Correctness. Understand the “process to communicate effectively” and achieve both personal and professional goals.


  • Creating awareness Why communication fails and the effects of failure
  • Definition and overview of communication
  • Spoken Communication
  • Understanding Communication Process
  • Working with Body Language
  • Understanding English as a Communication Language
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Listening theory and practice
  • Speaking theory and practice
  • Written communication
  • Normal business writing words and phrases/font/tone
  • Reports
  • Email writing manners (rectify the mistakes and understand)
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