Customized Programs


  • Epitome Mentors offers Customized Training and Mentoring Programs to Corporates.
  • To offer a suitable training intervention, we need to understand your specific training requirement.
  • Please give some inputs so that our training team will customize a module for you.
Name of the Organization
Contact Person
Email ID
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Please select the Modules

Presentation Skills Customer Service Managerial Effectiveness
Communication Skills Inter Personal Skills Mentoring and Coaching
Business English Conflict Resolution Effective Leadership
Telephone Skills Assertiveness Emotional Intelligence
Personal Effectiveness Effective Selling Skills Decision Making
Business Etiquette Team Effectiveness Team Building
Time Management Motivation

Which training style would you prefer?

1/2 Day - Workshop 4 hours Boot Camps - 1/2 day
One day - Workshop 8 hours Boot Camps - Full day
Seminars - 2 Hours Course (could run to 6-7 weeks, 3-8 months.)

Number of participants attending the Training

What is the background of the participants?

Level / Position Age group
Experience Education

Why do you think the participants should be developed in these areas? What are the Specific Areas of improvement?
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