Social Responsibility

Empowering the Girl Child

EPITOME MENTORS supports THARUNI, an NGO in Warangal, which helps to empower adolescent girls, women and the Aged in the rural areas. Our Chief Facilitator, Ms. A. Surekha, has been actively volunteering at THARUNI as an Advisory Board Member since 2002. Her passion to serve the underprivileged rural children has given way to many a creative stimulus in training and developing them. She has taken up many innovative and creative initiatives to help children learn and explore their skills and strengths by providing trainings and workshops in Documentary Film Making, Livelihood through Self-employment and Leadership.

Ms. Surekha is a Green Warrior and a promoter of Environment Conservation as a member of APEC Andhra Pradesh Environment Connect.

She is also a promoter and consultant for Rural Tourism and Eco Tourism.

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