English Language

In the last two decades, English has brought about a drastic change. Most businesses are engaged in dealing with international clients and suppliers. Thus, they prefer to use English as the primary source of communication. English serves as the most common and user-friendly language to interpret, translate and communicate to customers and professionals. Hence, to make the best out of the available opportunities, one has to be fairly, if not highly, fluent in English.

Confidence in English is essential for success. It can dramatically increase career opportunities in a globalised world. The need to speak in English it is a globally accepted medium of communication! Learn to Communicate in English at EPITOME MENTORS in a unique training style.

Develop Fluency in Speaking and Effectiveness in Writing using Cambridge English Techniques

Our facilitators

  • are members of British Council IELTS partnership program
  • certified by Pearson Test of English, GMAC Council
  • train participants to transition into real time work environment with comparative ease
  • give personal attention to help achieve academic and career goals
  • We include all the subtle but critical nuances such as culture, etiquette, and appropriateness in every lesson plan.
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