Goal Setting

The Smarter Way!

We’ve all heard that it’s important to set goals. We understand that we need to have direction in our lives instead of feeling like we’re just floating down a river in a boat without a paddle. Hence, there is pressure to find innovative ways to achieve goals, pay attention to the competition, and respond quickly to both internal and external customer needs. At the same time, enjoying life outside work is even more intense in today's fast-paced, ever-changing, competitive environment.

The focus of this program will be to enable participants’ personal life and their professional life. Participants will work through to develop effective methods of achieving targets as opposed to aspirations.


  • Understand the meaning and importance of 'Goal Setting'
  • Understand the psychology of Goal Setting
  • Start the Goal Setting process
  • Understand the crucial difference between aspirations and goals
  • Set personal and professional goals the SMARTER way!
  • Look at life roles and what services can be provided to other people
  • Use time management techniques to achieve goals on time
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