Interview Skills

Framework of Benefits

Students develop the ability and capacity

  • to communicate effectively
  • to manage information and documentation for creativity
  • and innovation
  • for understanding of professional and ethical
  • responsibilities, and commitment to them
  • to function effectively as an individual and in
  • multidisciplinary and multicultural teams
  • for life-long learning and professional development
  • for inculcating professional attitudes

When entering the workplace new graduates should be able to make an effective contribution and continue to develop as they keep working. NASSCOM study reveals that almost 60% of Indian graduates donít have the right Employability Skills. These Programs enable young people to make a smooth transition to work.

Programs on Employability Skills

  1. Shaping Young Minds
  2. Kick Start Your Career
  3. Winning Edge
  4. Innovision
  5. Resonance
  6. Aim
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