Discussion groups - formal/informal information exchange

This is used to allow participants to express their own opinions. It helps to reinforce the relevance of the subject area and the personalization of the learning.


It is important to encourage participants to interpret and explore situations and/or terminology and the best way to do this is to allow them to brainstorm or mind map a particular word or phrase.

Work groups

This is used for practical activities such as working together on tasks to specific standards and deadlines. This works well as this encourages broader thinking, collaborative and co-operative learning.

Games and challenges Team-based

This methodology is used with participants (30) to involve them in forming 'teams'. The teams are presented with different challenges that will have a hidden link to the soft skills.

Simulation/Case studies

This method is used to put learning into context to help participants to visualize situations such as confrontations, or where tone of voice or body language is the focus of the lesson.

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