PTE Preparation

PTE Pearson Test of English All new International Test of English which helps you to get your score much faster, thus chances of getting your VISA fast.

Objective of PTE Program: Participants have learnt the simple techniques to crack 20 different types of questions in the PTE Exam and have found the tips very helpful.

A Certified PTE Trainer will guide you towards the exam pattern and assist you with appropriate learning material for better results.

The course will not only cover the basic communication skills such as Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking but also evaluates your command on English on the basis of your Grammar, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabulary and Written Discourse. These details are shown in your score card too. Our training is comprehensive which covers all the details which has helped our students to get a good score.

Let EPITOME help you in your journey!!

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