Self Assessment

Self assessment is an important skill to develop for lifelong learning. Once you enter the workforce it is imperative that you are able to critically evaluate your own performance. To do this, students must first have the skills to identify and understand the professional or industry standards expected of them. They then must be able to critically reflect on their own performance to determine if they are meeting them. And finally, it is hoped they will have the capability to appropriately act on any insights acquired.

The value of self-assessment lies in its ability to make the individual take responsibility for his/her own performance and development. Self-assessment works by helping the individual internalize the need for change and performance improvement. Individuals are encouraged to take responsibility and ownership for their own improvement; the motivation for change comes from within rather than being imposed from outside.

One very well-designed tool for developing self-awareness is the Enneagram - a viable tool for professionals today.

Greater self awareness allows you to have more choice in how you go about developing yourself. The psychometric tool will enable you to hone in on the most appropriate areas for fast and effective results.

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