Self Awareness

The first step in becoming a successful individual is understanding and accepting yourself. Self awareness is the understanding that you exist as an individual person separate from other people. To be self aware is to be conscious of one’s character, and competence. This includes our beliefs, values, qualities, strengths and limitations. The better you understand yourself, the better you are able to accept or change who you are.

“Becoming a Better YOU” series of Self Awareness Workshops

These are a series of workshops, which are more about helping people discover new ways of thinking. The fact is everyone has an attitude – be it a positive or a negative attitude, depending on their perspective. The challenge is training ourselves on how to use thinking processes that maximize our ability to succeed. That is precisely the reason why we developed these Personal Development Workshops.

Our workshops are fun, engaging and interactive. They provide life-long practical strategies and tools for success.

Workshop 1: Self Awareness

The most valuable way to develop excellence is through the use of mindfulness and self-awareness.

Knowing ourselves and having the capacity to observe our self is the appropriate means by which to strengthen our inner knowing.

Developing self-awareness involves the ability to move from the stage of living unconsciously to the stage of thinking, feeling and behaving intentionally. Most people tend to live their lives stuck in their comfort zones, repeating behaviors that don’t make them happy and not realizing they have other options.

More often than not, we construct idealized versions of ourselves to avoid having to look at how we really think and behave and the results we are getting. However, no amount of fighting the facts can change the reality - of how we behave and the results we get in life.

Self-awareness enables us to look at our self, admit that something isn’t working and change direction.

Our workshops help people to explore and discover ways to make them more effective as an individual in all areas of their life.

These workshops will provide individuals with an insight in to how the adoption of the right attitude can lead to enhanced effectiveness and efficiency in personal and professional life.

Learning Objectives of the workshop

  • Understand the power of having a vision
  • Facilitate your journey towards self-awareness
  • Develop a unique script for your life NOW
  • Create a vision board by understanding your Value hierarchy
  • Learn affirmations to support learning


  • Know more about yourself
  • Identify what obstructs you from fulfilling your potential
  • Learn how to use yourself and your feelings as management tools
  • Improve interpersonal communication
  • Use feelings as a motivating force
  • Understand what roles you tend to assume
  • Recognize how feelings, thoughts and underline assumptions affect behavior and communication patterns within you and others.
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