Core Employee Behavioral Modeling Series


5-Stage Highly Interactive Workshops

For Managers

Experience: 5 to 8 years
Duration: Each work shop is for 8 hours

THINK ABOUT IT! We would only allow a surgeon to operate on us who is competent in his respective field.
Similarly, well-trained respected managers boost morale; and improved morale boosts retention.

According to the ASTD, American Society for Training and Development -
a) empowering managers to make decisions, anticipate problems, and coach their direct reports (rather than simply following and giving orders and solving crises) generates higher productivity and other benefits
b) managers need to assert authority, communicate with workers and delegate responsibility
c) enabling managers to focus on the right priorities helps them to take on leadership roles successfully in the future

Workshop 1: 6 Actions of a Great Manager
Workshop 2: Handling Difficult Situations
Workshop 3: Collaborating for Productivity and Profitability
Workshop 4: Core Essentials for Managerial Effectiveness
Workshop 5: Managing in Challenging Times

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