The BARE Essentials

Accomplishing Performance Series


3-Stage Highly Interactive Workshops

For Entry-level/Front line Staff

Experience: 0 to 3 years
Duration: Each work shop is for 8 hours

For most entry-level staff, this might be their first full-time job in a highly professional environment. Therefore, knowing what behaviors and soft skills are needed to become valued employees can be a major adjustment communication, teamwork, general workplace etiquette, etc.

Also, along with the other existing executives, they occupy a pivotal position in the organization because they are the ones who oversee the implementation of the products and services the organization has to offer to the public.

Sufficient training for executives helps in structuring of their roles to create the most value. This helps their managers as well to become aware of the issues that often pose as barriers to frontline performance.

Workshop 1: Foundation to Corporate Culture
Workshop 2: Communicating for Results
Workshop 3: Key Concepts of Team Working

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