Team Leading Series


4-Stage Highly Interactive Workshops

For Team Leaders

Experience: 3 to 5 years
Duration: Each work shop is for 8 hours

High performance organizations depend on employees called Team Leaders, Lead Workers, or Group Leaders. These individuals though may have limited authority; they have great responsibility for producing results and making the "rubber meet the road" as far as productivity.

High performance is achieved or not achieved by those of whom these individuals lead. So while the Team Leader may not have the power of management, they must possess the skills of leading, communication, goal setting, time management and motivation. They also need to be able to improve the efficiency of their team through diagnosing problems and effectively training others.

Workshop 1: Developing Star Performers
Workshop 2: Leading and managing change
Workshop 3: Managing Self for Personal Productivity
Workshop 4: 8 Dimensions of Personal Effectiveness

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